Hi, I'm Amanda. I have quite a few animals (mostly reptiles), the current count is:
1 Crocodile Skink
2 Leopard Geckos
4 Crested Geckos
1 Sandfish Skink
1 Pacman Frog
4 Axolotls
2 Dogs
1 Dragonscale Betta
1 Syrian Hamster
& 1 Hedgehog

I love to answer questions and help people with their animals so my inbox is always open for help or any other questions you might have!

September 1, 2014


But you have to understand that when both my cousin and I came out as bisexual to our great-aunt, she told us we were too young to label ourselves.

You have to understand that both of my brothers are gay and came out to her before the ages of 15. She had absolutely no problem.

My great-aunt is a 69 year old lesbian.

You have to understand that not every aspect of biphobia has to do with homophobia.

September 1, 2014






His and Her Royal Highness

Is this real?  

No, it’s a mass hallucination on the part of American children of the ’90s.

(Or a 1995 made-for-TV version of Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, if you prefer.)

This was the best.

this is the only version of cinderella that matters

Interracial parents and Filipino son. Never ever did I question whether or not they were a family.

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